I’ll start right off with this: I absolutely love what I do. Photography has been a lifelong passion for me, from the time my Mammaw gave me my first film camera. We would vacation every year in the place I now call home – the Great Smoky Mountains. I took photos of absolutely everything – the trees, mountains, my family, the stone walls at the lookouts. I loved photographing the details of those trips.  I still have that same thrill every time I step into a shoot, and I want you and your family to have an absolute blast at your session. Whether it's spending an hour or two playing in the mountains, or a full day capturing every beautiful detail of your long-awaited, much-anticipated wedding, my goal is to put you at ease and get a good belly laugh out of you at some point in the process. I believe posed portraits have their place, but the really “good stuff” comes in between.

I love to meet any potential client before scheduling a session, so that we can get to know each other a bit and I can get a good feel for what you’d like out of our time together. I believe a great session is a partnership, with both parties working toward a common goal. I also understand that if you are booking everything online for a destination wedding or family retreat, that may not be possible. In that case, I would be more than happy to schedule a time for us to talk on the phone or a Facetime/video call to work out the details.